How to Party Like an Irish Girl Even If You’re Not

How to Party Like an Irish Girl Even If You're Not | St. Patrick's Day Recipes for Real People | Sisterhood of the Sensible MomsYou might think with names like “Williams” and “Dymowski”, we are firmly in the “If You’re Not” category.

Erin: But you would be WRONG!

Ellen: I come from a line of Kennedys. Not THE Kennedys because I would not be here whiling away the hours with you people. I would be counting my Benjamins while pahkin my cah in the yahd.

Erin: And I have got your Dwyer, O’Neill, Rankin, and Sheehan roots right here. I’m green all over and then some. Even my Dymowski comes with a side of pure Irish grandmother AND I went to Ireland on my honeymoon AND I have a red-haired daughter. I am in the club. In fact, make me president.

st.patrick's day collage

Funny hats and unflattering shades of green just scream great times, am I right?

Ellen: Someone get Erin a crown of clover, but the bottom line is, you can trust us for all things Luck o’ the Irish. And not to start on a negative note, but sometimes it’s just as helpful to know what not to do.

 We do NOT condone celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in this fashion.

rainbow waffle

Pinterest Source

Erin: Save your energy for something really important like that Breaking Bad Netflix all-nighter marathon. Pinterest may have lured you into one honey of a leprechaun trap with this one, but there is no pot o’ gold for you at the end of this rainbow. It’s just woe that lies ahead.

Ellen: There’s a reason I do not make any waffles ever. Waffle irons are too hard to clean, and life is too short for nylon bristles and heartache.

Erin: I might stick it out if the mess was contained to the waffle iron, but this looks like a gift that keeps on giving. Think batter blobs on the counter, sink, floor, brother, sister, cat. I’m out of digits from counting all the ways this mess could multiply.

Ellen: And that’s just one of the great mysteries of waffles. How can waffles be so fluffy and delicious when the batter hardens to the consistency of concrete?

Erin: Um, you are ignoring the technicolor elephant in the room. There are SIX different bags of batter!

Ellen: In neon colors no less.

Erin: These bags beg obvious questions. How do you keep the batter from running all over the place once you snip the ends off of those bags? Is regular food dye really gonna make that cerulean blue color? On a scale of 1 to 10, just how crazy do you have to be to think this is a great idea?

Ellen: And exactly how many people are you planning to feed? That looks about enough batter to make two waffles.

Erin: By the time I made enough to feed my crew, they would be elbow- deep in a box of Lucky Charms, and I would be up to my elbows with a kitchen to clean. I feel like I need to call back 2013’s favorite meme and scream:



But here are some things that are TOTALLY worth your time!

St. Patrick’s Day recipes for real people.


For Fit Irish Girls

This smoothie will start your day off on the right foot. You will feel so much better about that extra helping of corned beef and cabbage if you make this your breakfast or lunch on the big day.

The Perfect Green Smoothie

Click here for the recipe!


 For Traditional Irish Girls

Nothing says St. Paddy’s Day like a piece of Irish soda bread. This recipe from Erin’s mom is a crowd-pleaser.

Irish soda Bread

Click here for the recipe!


 For Fun-loving Irish Girls  

This will certainly hit the spot for anybody craving a wee bit o’ whiskey to toast the day! And if you indulge a little too much, refer to the green smoothie mentioned above.

whiskey sour slush

Click here for the recipe!

So don your best green, sing a limerick or two, and make one of these recipes! You’ll be sure to have your best St. Paddy’s Day yet!

How to Party Like an Irish Girl Even If You're Not | St. Patrick's Day Recipes for Real People | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

-Erin and Ellen


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12 thoughts on “How to Party Like an Irish Girl Even If You’re Not

    1. The Sisterhood Post author

      I got into a discussion on Twitter about Eggos and these technicolor waffles. I wish Eggo would make then happen. I always give my kids Lucky Charms on St. Patrick’s Day which is more like a game than a meal: Hunt the marshmallows out of the disgusting other stuff. Ellen

  1. Cathy Chester

    This Jewish girl went to a Catholic college where my roommates were Ford, Kennedy and O’Donnell. No one ever went to class on St Patrick’s Day, and since my roommate’s dad owned a “packy” (short for package store in Boston lingo – in NJ we call them liquor stores!) we always were supplied with plenty of beer. (Hello Weight Watchers!) So I could teach a thing or two about March 17 – like what not to do! Funny post, girls.

    1. The Sisterhood Post author

      I think what you are really saying is that you can school anyone on any holiday. 🙂 And thanks for the lingo lesson. Did not know about “packies” or is it “packys”? Ellen

  2. Natasha

    As a bonfide “I was born/live here my whole life” Irish person…
    I can’t get my head around people calling it “Patty’s Day”.
    A patty is a burger!!!
    As for Paddy’s day…if you’re not drinking you must be working

  3. Louise

    As an Irish girl, born, bred and barely set foot off of the island i can tell you that the best way to celebrate Paddy’s Day (not patty’s day) is with larger dyed a sickly green, go to the parade at 12 and straight to the pub and be ridiculously drunk before dinner, eat take out on a curb outside the chipper (i.e. the take out restaurant) and straight back the pub!

    It not classy… it one of those horrible Irish stereotypes, but its true! And all that is why i stay home!!
    Louise recently posted..Indie Chick Magazine! (Featuring ME!)My Profile

  4. Sadie

    This Irish-Italian chick needs to party with you girls. To heck with those waffles and pour me a pint o Guinness any day. And if it’s been a really tough day, I’ll take a glass of Jameson straight up. Now, I guess I have to get on the “Breaking Bad” bandwagon!


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