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A book list to brighten your spring and tickle your funny bone.| Humor | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

The daylight hours are getting longer, and spring is finally in the air. Why not celebrate all of this new found “light” with some humor? Here are some books that will tickle your funny bone. Perfect tidbits of humor to pass some time on the sidelines or in carpool line.

FEATURED PICK! And not just by us, but by Inside Edition too!

I Heart My Little A-Holes: A bunch of holy-crap moments no one ever told you about parenting

Our New York Times Bestselling friend, Karen Alpert, is a force of funny and truth! For instance, those tricked out strollers are the devil and so is Daylight Savings Time, but minivans should totally be revered. A baker’s dozen of cupholders! C’mon! She loves her kids and it shines through in her writing, but what a relief she doesn’t sugarcoat all of the frustrations of motherhood. She let’s you know it doesn’t diminish your motherly devotion to go scream in the closet every once in a while. On second thought, take her book in the closet with a flashlight and enjoy the catharsis of laughter instead. It’s easier on the vocal cords. Might we suggest starting with her “Mom’s Serenity Prayer” on page 170.

You can buy it here.

Ketchup Is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves

This New York Times Bestseller is the perfect blend of charm, humor, and nod-your-head-along truth. In our society where mothers are constantly encouraged to strive for perfection, Robin makes it clear that ‘Imperfectly Good’ is a high compliment. She will make you laugh until you cry when she talks about her family’s improbable visit from the FBI,her Big Berthas,and her faux cuss words. Her awkward naked moments are worth the price of admission into her world. This book is a nugget of comedy gold with a sweet center of tenderness.

suburban haikuSuburban Haiku: Poetic Dispatches from Behind the Picket Fence

This is not the haiku you remember from fifth grade. These are the smart, observational poems from Peyton Price that convey the unwritten and complex etiquette of suburbia in easy to digest morsels. You’ll looking over your shoulder because she has to be following you to capture your life so accurately. She paints everything from travel teams, to AP tests, to neighborhood bylaws with her poetic license.

So here’s the deal, you’ll get this book and want to tell a friend about a poem because it is so spot on. You’ll show your friend the haiku, but then you’ll notice she’s turning pages. Brace yourself because this is coming next, “Hey, can I borrow this?” So you are left with the choice, “Do I say yes and lose access to all of this entertainment?” or “Do I say no and get talked about at the next PTA meeting?” (There’s a haiku for that.) The solution is simple really: buy one for yourself and at least one more. You’ll be the belle of the car line.

moms who drink and swearMoms Who Drink and Swear: True Tales of Loving My Kids While Losing My Mind

When we stumbled upon the blog, Moms Who Drink and Swear, we kind of pictured a gang of moms tossing back beers and yo-ho-hoing like merry wenches à la Pirates of the Caribbean. When we delved deeper, we found a sharp-witted, hilarious writer who refuses to worship at the altar of perfection. Nicole Knepper, a smart, educated woman who is a girlfriend’s girlfriend, serves up a heaping dose of “this is the real motherhood” in her new book. Chapters such as “Making New McFriends” and “Dinner is Like Herpes” will have you nodding along while laughing to the point that people will feel obliged to ask, “Are you okay?”

Moms Who Drink and Swear breezed in and out of our lives too quickly.

We met Nicole Knepper. Total squee moment. She is a sweetheart.


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) Erin recently spent the better part of a middle school Science Olympiad getting the stink eye as she laughed out loud reading this book. It was worth every uppity helicopter parent takedown. Very rarely does a book really make you laugh out loud, but both of us actually recorded snort-laughs. The best part of this party in a paperback though is the warm, down-to-earth advice and stories Mindy Kaling shares. Her revelations aren’t mind-blowing so much as refreshing and worthy of sharing with your favorite teen girl. While it may not be shocking to hear Kaling talk about how much she enjoyed spending time with her family as a teen, it’s awfully nice to hear especially from someone who has clearly mastered the fine art of being yourself and being a special someone as well.

Bossypants Nobody likes the woman who complains about everything she has to do, but everyone loves the one who makes lemonade while juggling way too many lemons. Tina Fey proves that she makes the best lemonade on the planet right now but encourages us to go for it too. As enjoyable and easy-to read as it is ambitious and smart, Bossypants provides the perfect counterpoint to the brouhaha over the B-Word. By the end of the book, you’ll be begging for someone to call you bossy because Fey shows you what a wonderful word it can be.

May we also humbly remind you that we too are in a tome of humor? We love reading this book as much as we love being in it. The wit is sharp, the writing is pithy, and the humor is expansive. Add it to your book list and give it a look.

Buy it here.

Buy it here.

 Happy Reading!

-Erin and Ellen

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    This is just what I needed today! I’m on the lookout for some good beach reads as I dream about vacation. Who cares if it’s in July, I can pretend it’s right around the corner. 🙂
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