Pain is a Hot Potato

Pain is a Hot Potato: What are the consequences of avoiding emotional pain? How can you truly help a friend in pain? Sisterhood of the Sensible MomsThis podcast could also have been called “The One Where We Saw Glennon from Momastery During a Blizzard.” Seriously, four inches fell in about forty-five minutes. We had to hightail it out of there before we could meet her, but not before we heard her little nugget on emotional pain. In any case, her talk gave us lots to talk about!

Wanna hear about it?

Click the podcast at the bottom of the post to hear what we learned in that terrible snowstorm!

In the podcast, we talk about a bunch of things, including Glennon herself and her blog, the book club Erin joined to get ready for the talk, grief, and how to help friends and family who are in the midst of it.

Here are all the links for your easy reference along with some grief resources you might find helpful.

Jessica Watson writes at Four Plus An Angel, and among writing about other things like parenting and parenting a child with autism, she also writes about her grief after losing her daughter Hadley, a triplet, shortly after her birth. Her post, The Stone, is the one Erin references in the podcast.

Here is the TedTalk that Erin watched at the beginning of her book club. You can  see for yourself what a dynamic speaker Glennon is.

And here is Glennon’s book that Erin read in the book club. It was also given to us at the talk.

Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life

Looking for a great book? A discussion about a great book? A greaet discussion? Check this one out--Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Ok, we didn’t mention this in the podcast but we probably should have: we have a booklist for grief. Books help us and they might help you or someone you love. Also, Ellen mentioned that her mother died two years ago. She wrote about her loss here and here.

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