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DIY Flamingo Party

A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Great cake decorating tips too! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

I do like a good party. I have even been known to go a wee bit overboard. Not like drop the down payment on a Winnebago overboard, but more like having fourteen four-year-olds crowded around my dining room table crafting with glue and scissors. Rest assured I drew the line at glitter. Never glitter. ::shudders::

Littlest Pet Shop Habitats. Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

For me, it all starts with a good theme I can sink my teeth into, but I am older and more exhausted now. Can you feel me? I now require my themes to be fabulous with a side of easy. So to that end, one of the easiest ones I have hit upon is a Flamingo Party. The best thing? It works for all ages and types of parties: birthday celebrations, baby showers, bridal showers, pool parties, and barbecues. One advantage to this theme is you can extend it cheaply and easily just by using color. Pink balloons, streamers, and netting can really extend the theme to fill your entire space.

My particular party was to celebrate a thirteenth birthday. For me it all begins with the cake . . . or in the case of the parties I orchestrate, cakessssssss.

Here’s the one I created for the family party:

Easy Flamingo Layer Cake

Decorating With Marshmallow Fondant! A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Easy Cake decorating tips! Look like a pro! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

This cake is a great example of a wow factor that exceeds the effort. In other words, it’s easier than it looks. Always a bonus.

Start by making a layer cake from scratch like our favorite, Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake, or just use a box mix.

Next, frost it up with a base layer buttercream frosting.

Mix up a buttercream frosting and tint it with turquoise food coloring. You can find the food coloring I used here. Pssst, you can also use canned frosting. I won’t tell. Pillsbury even makes an aqua blue frosting that saves you all kinds of time.

If you need help with your frosting game, I recommend this tutorial. She mentions using a bench scraper to achieve a smooth frosting surface. I use this one.

The flamingo is made with fondant icing. I generally make my own marshmallow fondant because not only is it significantly cheaper than store bought, it is so much tastier, too. Your guests won’t be peeling it off into a discarded lump on the side of their plates.

I also find it more forgiving to work with. When you are rolling it and transferring it to the cake, I always have less frustration with breakage than I do with prepared fondant out of the package. This excellent video is EXACTLY how I make it.

She also has a video describing how to color it. Two caveats I have for that one, though. One, I almost always color mine by mixing my gel into the melted marshmallows as she describes in the beginning of her tutorial. It takes A LOT of kneading to mix color into a whole batch of refrigerated fondant. I’m talking kneading on the level of a P90X workout. And two, I always wear vinyl food prep gloves so that my hands don’t get stained.

One other tip: it’s not worth it to make black fondant. It takes forever and a ton of color to make it anything but a weird gray. I did it once, but never again. You can find it here. Keep in mind you can purchase a whole tub of white fondant, too, if you just want to skip making your own altogether.

I used leaf cookie cutters to make the feathers. I free-hand cut out the neck, used a small dish to make the circle for the head, and used the same dish to help gauge the size I needed for the beak. The eye was made from a dab of white buttercream and a speck of black fondant. Because the pieces are relatively small, it’s a much easier decorating process than trying to transfer an entire sheet of fondant to your cake. I have yet to be able to cover a layer cake with a sheet of fondant without curling up in the fetal position from the stress of it all. But just decorating with fondant pieces? That’s a hack I can completely manage.

Now remember I said cakessssssss? In my family, each birthday girl gets her own cake to dive into with abandon.

Fondant Flamingo Cake

Fondant Flamingo Cake! A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Easy Cake decorating tips! Look like a pro! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

This cake was also decorated with marshmallow fondant, but this one is all about the shape. I baked the body of the cake in a Pyrex oven-safe bowl. Once it was COMPLETELY cooled, I sculpted the body shape with a serrated knife making sure to carve out a complete shape that would work for the neck. The rest of the scraps went to the kids who were watching my every move.

The head is a cupcake. That little beaded necklace camouflages the joining of the head to the neck. Because this cake is personal-sized, I could basically pick the pieces up and wrap the fondant around them. In case you are new to working with fondant, you need to actually ice your cake with a buttercream first so that the fondant will adhere to it smoothly. I did not do that with the neck though. The fondant around that is very thick to achieve the rounded look I wanted. I figured there was enough cake-y goodness in the body and head to make it acceptable that the neck was just for decorative purposes.

And then there were the cupcakes . . .

Easy Flamingo Cupcakes

I’m going to be honest, by the time I got to the cupcakes I was TIRED. I ordered some pretty cupcake liners, some flamingo lollipops, let the kids ice the cupcakes anyway they wanted with the remaining blue frosting, and called it a day. See? Easy! You can’t accuse me of being a perfectionist.

Easy Flamingo Cupcakes! A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Easy Cake decorating tips! Look like a pro! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

But—and this is going to sound radical after the previous several hundred words—great parties need more than cake! Check out these fun ideas to rocket your party into the realm of success!

Flamingo Party Ideas


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9 Mom Superpowers Plus Our Kryptonite

Being a mom is like being a superhero. We’re the secret do-gooders who save the world, or at least our little corners of it. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a whirling dervish of a phenom who can get mess done! But unlike Superman and his silly glasses, our disguises are foolproof —we wrap ourselves in the invisibility cloaks of the mundane. We are so good at flying under the radar that we NEVER get credit for our awesomeness.

Well, that changes today! We are giving credit where credit is due. Are we blowing our covers by revealing our secrets? Don’t insult us. We also emit a mysterious aura that wipes the minds around us as clean as slates. No matter how many times we perform a superpower, they can never remember how we did it. Our jobs are safe, whether we like it or not.

9 Mom Superpowers Plus Our Kryptonite


1. Finding All Things Missing

We think there must be a locator sensor that activates on the X chromosome once women have kids. What else could explain how we are the only ones who can see the “lost” notebooks that are three inches from our kids’ noses? Of course there might be one or two times that our  superpowers slip. Seems that locator sensor is fighting a daily battle with Mom Brain. Every good super hero needs a nemesis and Mom Brain is ours.

*Our Kryptonite*

We’re just going to be upfront with this. In addition to a nemesis, every superhero needs a weakness, every Achilles needs a heel. Missing Socks is ours. Our locator beacons are rendered powerless against them.

What's the big deal you say? Just you wait.

Damn you missing socks! We’ll defeat you one day!

2. Speaking in Frequencies Only Dolphins Can Hear

What else could explain that despite us nagging our kids to pick up towels one million times plus four, they STILL leave them on the floor giving mildew a place to party?

Dolphins listen to Ellen. Why can't her kids?

Dolphins listen to Ellen. Why can’t her kids?

3. Super Sonic Hearing

Yes we can hear a jar of paint being opened on the new carpet in the basement while we’re upstairs folding clothes and talking on the phone. Save yourselves some time, Kids, and stop trying to foil us. You’re no Missing Socks. You’ll never achieve that level of craftiness.

4. Multi-Tasking Marvels

You think Flash Gordon is a blur? Pfft. Watch a mom cook dinner, fold clothes, apply bandages, break up fights, and create zombies in a single swoosh. She’ll even manage to keep the Hello Kitty Band-Aids out of the chicken soup.

5. Chow Time Champions

Speaking of chicken soup . . . Ok, we hear you saying, “Wait, not all moms bake or cook.” Ah ha, those are are the women who were brilliant enough to keep their superpowers completely hidden. We can assure you those women are take-out ninjas or slick enough to have partners who can wield spatulas like maestros.  But if they ever want to let their invisibility cloaks slip to reveal those cooking powers, here are a couple of super easy recipes that will make it worth their whiles.

 Some Kind Of Awesome Creamy Chicken Salsa Soup

Yum. Soup. It's What's For Dinner.

Yum. Soup. It’s What’s For Dinner.

Healthy French Country Crockpot Chicken


6. School Project Warriors

We would never do our kids’ homework because we’re superheroes, not super-dummies. But papier-mâché and Rube Goldbergs just don’t happen without some guidance. And some superhero patience.

Clucking Adorable

Clucking Adorable

7. Travel Triumphants

We wish we could teleport, but our theory is that in evolutionary terms, teleportation  and locator powers could not exist in the same person. Our ancestors melted from the awesomeness and only the locator sensor survived. While we weep ourselves to sleep at night because teleportation was a victim to natural selection, we can rustle up one hell of a car pool.

How To Rustle Up a Mom Posse Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Source: sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms.com via Sisterhood on Pinterest

Mom superpowers are not generic. Think of each mother as part of a Justice League of Estrogen where every woman has her own special skill set. For example . . .


8. Erin Deploys Diplomacy Like a Diva

No one can smooth ruffled feathers better than Erin . . . except when she doesn’t. Uh oh, there’s another kryptonite for Erin—Andy Griffith. Don’t tell Mom Brain or she might collaborate with him to set up a trap.

9. Ellen Calms the Savage Beasts with Cakes

When we say savage beasts we mean hopped-up kids at birthday parties, but it’s really the same thing. Potato, puh-ta-toe. Tomato, little heathens smashing your ceiling fan like a pinata. It’s just a matter of pronunciation.

The mud is actually delicious fudge. In case you were worried.

The mud is actually delicious fudge. In case you were worried.



What is your unique Superpower? Tell us in the comments.

-Ellen and Erin


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Facebook Follow-up Friday #4

Because Facebook doesn’t show all of our followers all of the awesomeness all of the time we have . . .


We Let Our Sensible Show:

We love it when we can be helpful and make your lives easier. Here we show you how to prevent a common kitchen mishap. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

foil border

foil comments

Recipe We Shared:

Italian Sausage  and Tortellini Soup

Erin could probably live on a liquid diet this time of year, but this one is another favorite. This soup is so good for filling bellies, fighting the chill, and feeding a crowd. Erin’s family descended en masse this past weekend, and this soup fed the thundering herd with style and substance. Yay for sisters! And cousins!  And this soup!


People Loved:

kiss me


Posts To Catch Up On:

Sisterhood Party Pride

Oh, we love to party here in The Sisterhood! Check out Ellen’s awesome cakes and Erin’s memories of parties past! There might be pandas and leprechauns in this post, but you’ll never know unless you read it.

Water Slide Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

March Finding the Funny – 1o Reasons Being the Kid of a Mom Who Blog Rocks

We are helping to host Finding the Funny this month, and it’s not too late to link up your post. Don’t want to link? No problem, there’s plenty of funny to go around and you can just add these to your reading list. There are also some awesome ecards to just pile on the funny and the fabulous-ness! Your funny bone will never know what hit it.

Can You Fill My Mom Shoes? Please?

Ellen shows off her killer style and Mom-tastic ways. Can you fill her shoes? Plus there is a ketchup bottle dancing in Prada. It’s hard to explain, just check it out

Walking the Road Together: What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say

A break from our usual light-hearted fare, but worth a read. Two years later, Erin recounts a neighborhood tragedy and the lessons learned. A moving account of friendship and hope.


Funny Photo

Our mid-Atlantic “Snowquester” was a complete bust and EVERYONE loved this photo skewering the non-event.

cancel school 

And Can We Get a “Woot” That It’s Actually Friday?


Like what you see here? Our Facebook page is even more fun! Check it out!



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Sisterhood Party Pride

We have said it before and we have to say it again: We love to party! And not just for birthdays, anniversaries, and such. Heck, if it’s a day that ends in “Y”, somebody bring the beach balls and the booze and let’s crank up the jams. Anyway, here are. . .

10 Parties That Make Us Proud


1. Irish Girls Do It in Bright Green

I just love that this Irish girl married into a Polish family with a fun-loving real-life Irish Grandmom. We love our GiGi, and all of the fabulous parties that happen on her favorite day each year!

st.patrick's day collage

2. Inside This Box is a Fabulous . . .

Road Trip. With five kids and birthdays that come in bunches, we don’t always go the traditional party route. Often times, we hit the road to celebrate. In fact, Biddie and I are still basking in the glow of our great Northeastern Adventure to celebrate her 13th birthday this past summer.

This picture is one of my favorites though. When Biddie was 10, she was obsessed with the First Ladies. Sorry, 1D! Martha Washington was her first real pin-up! Her birthday was the weekend of the Obama inauguration that year. All she wanted was to get to Washington, DC. Here she is scanning the White House windows looking for a glimpse of one of the Obama girls. Still one of my favorite birthdays ever!

White House

But other times we play it straight and we get. . .

3. The Party That Proved Just How Smart I Am!!

Eddie LOVED all things Star Wars the summer he turned four. We had a pool party and these lightsaber pool noodles were the party favor. Cheap, easy to make, and 10,000 times better than a bag of Dollar Store junk. Every mom and kid loved them! And some still have them!

But there is always a fly in the punch. Check out Eddie’s face behind his cool cupcakes. Darn kid’s ruining my boast! I swear no exorcism was required.



4. True Fans Party on Opening Day

Who parties on the opening day of the Liverpool soccer season? Maybe the family that left their North Caroline beach vacation early to see them play on American soil last summer. This might be taking the term Soccer Mom to a whole new level, but I don’t care. I’m hoping these crazy family traditions are gonna be the things that get these kids home for a visit every once in a while after the big, wide world scatters them to the winds.



5. 40 IS Fabulous!

Especially when you do it Sisterhood Style. We always treat our buddies well on their special day, but this party for our friend Lauri was the best! We went kayaking on the river near her house. Her family even had it planned for us to paddle up to a dock for some beverages and snacks along the way. Kind of like a Kayak Crawl.




Erin’s proud party moments turned out just like her: all over the place and fabulous. I’m going to stick to the traditional  birthday party genre. We take the mantra “Go big or go home” to heart around here when it comes to celebrating those special days.

1. Pandamonium

I love to have my house stuffed with happy girls.  I also love our family tradition where the birthday girl gets her very own personalized cake to dive into with abandon. The theme for Jellybean’s 12th birthday was pandas, so with 13 girls sleeping over, it was pandamonium. Get it??

Panda Collage Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

2. Monkey Business

In fact, this is the party where the personal birthday cake tradition was born by chance. So take that Pinterest. I was able to develop fun family rituals long before you rolled up on the scene.

Monkey Cake Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

3.  Letting the Cat Out of The Bag

Jellybean got our cat Sparkle for her 6th birthday. Imagine my delight when she came downstairs ready for her indoor bounce house party dressed in her kitty cat Halloween costume. Melt.

The Kitty Cat Collage Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms


4. Ginormous Water Slide For The Win

I LOVE throwing little kid birthday parties. Coed teenager parties make my palms clammy. For our first one, I got this huge water slide as a distraction. I should have thought about the bathing suit factor.

Water Slide Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

5. Back to the Good Ol’ Days

Alright, let’s forget the teen years, I’m starting to break out in hives. Let’s go back to when all I had to do was transform our basement into the American Idol sound stage. And upon review, I apparently also transformed our backyard into a superstar themed obstacle course for about a bazillion little girls. Did I mention “Go big or go home”?

Superstar Birthday Collage


In case all of this party pride is making you a little nauseous, don’t forget the New Year’s Eve when Ellen made everyone actually gag with this little gem of a Pintershit drink.

Taste Testers


Also, don’t forget to check out the other bloggers over at Monday Listicles who responded to Stasha’s prompt 10 THINGS YOU ARE PROUD OF. Feel free to join in on the fun.


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Mom Brain Is Forever

We are all familiar with the fog that smothers your sleep-deprived brain when you first have a baby. A typical day consists of finding your cellphone in the refrigerator and discovering butter in your diaper bag. This fuzzy consciousness has frequently been dubbed “Mommy Brain.”

We hate to break it to you, but since we are The Sensible Moms, we have to set the record straight: it NEVER ends. You may now want to call us “The Buzz Kill Moms” or “Moms Who Need to Shut It”, but sticking your head in the sand won’t change the reality. In fact, we’re knighting this condition “Mom Brain” because our kids are too old to still be calling us Mommy.

Here’s a point to send you rocking in the corner: we are all aging as our kids get older. It’s a sliding scale for losing your ever-loving mind and for it staying lost. Erin is five years from infant times and Ellen is a whopping twelve years out, and Mom Brain is still kicking us in the rear. The Super-Duper-Swell-Can-I-Have-A-Xanax-On-The-Side difference? Now the collateral damage has an even larger zone of destruction.

Sad Scenario One: You lose important shizz.

Ellen: People! I misplaced not only my passport, but my husband’s, too! This was just two years ago. Do you know the expense and the paperwork that must be filled out when you can’t turn in the old passport? It blows.

But you want to play a little  crazy Mom Brain association game with me? What else do you blow? (Keep it G rated!) That’s right, birthday candles and balloons. And that’s where I found our passports one month after we got back from our trip —in the birthday candle and balloon box.

Erin: I think we need to discuss the “Birthday Candle and Balloon Box”. WTH?

Ellen: Hey, I can find those things when I need them, right? I’m combating Mom Brain with organization.

Yes, the Birthday Balloon and Candle Box is located just north of the litter box (that Ellen scooped right before snapping this photo because she loves you that hard).


Erin: Sounds more like hoarding because it would just be silly to lay out a buck for a new set of birthday candles each time. Much more economical to create a place for your passport to hide.

Ellen: So we’re throwing stones? How about that camera bag and lens you misplaced?

Erin: I can’t even talk about it. By the way, did security strip search you or anything because you were flagged for lost passports?

Ellen: No thank goodness. Why do you ask?

Erin: I MAY have just had to go through the same process when I couldn’t find my passport for the Bermuda cruise my husband, Steve and I are FINALLY sprinting away on.

Ellen: I will be over here fighting an uncontrollable urge to hide something in your luggage until the moment of your departure.

Erin: I would be worried, but you are going to forget about it anyway. See, I AM Pollyanna. I just found the sunny side of Mom Brain.


Sad Scenario Two: Your calendar plots to punk you all of the time.

Ellen: Mmmmm, I’m gonna have to call “projecting” and say that YOU punk me all of the time.

Erin: Does it make you feel better that I’ve gotten Steve, too?

Ellen: No, it doesn’t because I happen to like your husband. You know what would make me feel better? To transcribe MY incident down for the record.

Erin: If this can be the last I hear of it, go ahead.

Ellen: Short version: Erin needed to sign some paperwork for the blog. She was supposed to print it out, sign it, and mail it to me. We live about 35 minutes apart.

Erin: We’re 25 minutes apart if you believe our friend, Mary.

Ellen: Don’t try to derail my train of thought with another Mom Brain topic: the inability to properly gauge travel time.

Anyway, she forgot to mail it for a week straight, so she was going to bring it to me—sort of.  She wanted to meet me at my child’s high school because she thought her son, Ace (15) was playing soccer there. She maintained that the game was at MY school despite the fact I quoted three sources that said it was at her school.

Erin: I thought it had been changed!

Ellen:  So I drove yet another round trip to my kid’s school. That brought the grand total to five for that day, but at least that one was for NOTHING. Well, shame on my Mom Brain for listening to you instead of my three sources.

Erin: My Mom Brain and I are really, really sorry about that. I was still learning to juggle my new part-time work schedule with my soccer-moming and the volunteer commitments I had made the year before. All of that keeping my eye on the ball apparently blurred my vision so I just didn’t read the schedule right. End of sad, sad story.

Ellen: Amazing I can’t remember where my iPod is , but this story stays fresh. Probably time to let it go.

Erin: Like I said, it was nothing against you because I darn near did the same thing to Steve.

Steve was on soccer field duties with three of our spunky future soccer stars AND the crap schedule I gave him. As he fumbled around the soccer field trying to piece together where the boys were ACTUALLY supposed to be, I got to listen to the whole debacle unfold in real time via cell phone. Oh, good times! If the sound of the fuming husband didn’t make me feel like a crumbled biscuit, the pathetic whimper of the heartbroken five year old  who missed his game did me in. I took down my entire family’s happy Saturday with one faulty calendar entry.

Puddle of crap. Party of one.

Ellen: See what we were talking about with the larger radius of destruction?? Only so much chaos could go down when the only thing on your schedule was story time.

Sad Scenario Three: You have to go back to the paper trail.

Ellen: We can just hear your Mom Brains shouting, “But that is what smartphones are for! You can enter, link, and share calendars. There are even alerts!”

Erin: Oh, but there is this little thing my husband likes to call the ID10T error. Must I really explain?

Ellen: Yeah, I’ve muffed entering a date into my phone when bedlam is buzzing around me— the kids yelling and the cat puking on the 25% of my house that is carpet. The worst, though? Speeding through a calendar entry on my phone because, grrrrr, the phone starts ringing.

Erin: I not only have to record the date in my phone and on my wall calendar, but I have been schooled to keep the originals.  

My super-organized friend Nicole sent out her birthday party invitation well in advance. I promptly loaded that data into our Google calendar and tossed that puppy into the recycling bin. When I saw her at school, I said, “See you Saturday.” “You mean Sunday.” “No, Saturday.” “Erin, his party’s on Sunday.” “No, it’s not.” Do you see what I am laying down? I was arguing with my friend about the date of HER party. Good grief. Y’all should just put me down already. I’m not fit for human company.

Ellen: In all fairness, you really could have been correct. I was still putting the finishing touches on this beauty . . .

JellyBean’s (12) PERSONAL birthday cake because in our family you’re never too old to have your own cake to dig into with abandon.


Ellen: . . . when the guests started arriving for my daughter’s sleepover. Yeah, they were on time, I was under the delusion that I had one more hour, despite the fact I put the time on the invitations.

Erin: And so our lives are reduced to entering the date on multiple calendars AND keeping the originals. I miss the days when all I had was the pediatrician visit reminder cards.

So are you actually rocking in the corner yet? Where’s the trust? We’re not going to leave you without any solutions!

The Sensible Moms Solutions to Mom Brain

1. Number Your Children

In fact, number ALL of the children because those little hooligans are waiting to take you down too! We find this system works best if you always make them walk, move, and arrange themselves around the table in numerical order.


2. Tag Your Stuff

We know Brookstone makes a Wireless Key Finder, but it’s expensive, and let’s face it, you’ll probably lose the transmitter that locates your tagged shiz. Plus, you have more stuff to lose than keys. We’re solving this problem old school à la bright-orange-flag-on-the-back-of-a-banana-seat-bike style.


3. Velcro Shirt

Keep your MOST important items within your sight at all times. Your keys are just a boob length away!


Mom Brain might be here to stay, but it was all worth it. Right? Our kids, the precious memories, even the not-so-precious memories. It was all worth it, right? Right!?! At this point, we’re too addled to know any better. Bring your Velcro and come rock in the corner with us. Arts and crafts are soothing.



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Celebrate this, Sisterhood Style!

Nothing we love here in The Sisterhood more than a great party and some good eats.

One Drink!                        Two Drinks!!              Three Drinks!!!


Thank goodness that between the two of us, there are plenty of holidays and birthdays to go around. Ellen has a chance to show off her cake -making skills. . .

There’s a veritable barnyard of cute animals Ellen’s crafted out of fondant and sugar, but this one’s Erin’s favorite.


. . . and Erin’s husband Steve does too. Erin thanks her lucky stars every year that her in-laws owned a Carvel franchise for years and taught her husband how to handle a pastry bag.

He can freelance like nobody’s business too. He drew this one at the beach using a sandwich baggy and some homemade icing.


You wanna know what else they share besides some serious cake-making skills?? The same birthday.  February 9th. They were born ON. THE. SAME. DAY.  Yeah, we know, it’s freaky. Especially when Erin says that their voices sound the same in her head.

Oh, and our dear friend Mary’s son was born on February 9th too.  When Mary was on bed rest,  she gave Ellen and Frank her season tickets  to see “Chicago” at the Wilmington Opera House, so that they could have a date night out to celebrate Ellen’s birthday.   As Frank and Ellen were watching the curtain come up, Lil’ G was making his debut.

Do you hear what we are laying down?? Three special people in The Sisterhood share the same birthday! We might as well turn this into an official Sisterhood holiday. What, you say, this is barely a reason for a holiday?

Well, in addition to the crazy coinciding of the birthdays, this year February 9th has been attracting activities and events to it like a Kardashian to some media coverage. We would like to offer our calendars as Exhibits A, B, C, and D,  but the paper ones are unreadable and the electronic ones are groaning from the data we keep trying to input. Erin may not be the technology-whisperer, but she can hear her iPhone  saying, “Put me down, girl. I’ve had enough. I can’t take any more.”

Still not buying it? Well, February is a month for dubious holidays anyway.  Perhaps snow does not just make you blind, but deaf, dumb, and stark-raving mad as well.  These February holidays all started out honorably enough, but they have strayed far from their noble roots. Mardi Gras is now just an excuse to make bad decisions all day long.  And Presidents’ Day?  A ruse to spend one last day on the slopes (not that we’re complaining) or to buy a new mattress.

Yep. We think you’re awesome, Abe. Too bad they have you schlepping new Sertas!

Groundhog Day? Puh-leez!  Phil saw his shadow this year, so you know what that means?? Bupkis. NADA. Nothing. Dust off your 5th grade science book or steal your kid’s iPad: that’s not how weather works.  Sorry if this rains on your happy dance parade because you thought spring was right around the corner. It is. It’s called March.

And don’t even get us started on Valentine’s Day. There’s the Hallmark version: St. Valentine, hearts, love, letters, chocolates . . . well, you know. Then there’s the real story: Pope Gelasius got a little slaphappy bestowing sainthood on people and included Valentine in with a bunch of other saints, saints like St. George of “St. George and the Dragon” fame. We don’t have to tell you that this got a little awkward seeing as how dragons are a little hard to rustle up. Anyway, the pope validated his batch of questionable picks by saying that they were men “whose acts are known only to God”.  Nice umbrella there, Pope G, hope it shields you from the flurry of chocolates and greeting cards headed your way.

Not this type of unicorn

Anyway, we think February 9th has as much legitimate claim to a holiday status as, say, a groundhog who forecasts weather or a knight who slays dragons in the English countryside. If Pope Gelasius had kept going, we might be painting rainbows and hearts in homage to Saint Unicorn-Wrangler.

So, what’s wrong with lobbying for February 9th as a Sisterhood Siesta? It could be a a day to do nothing. Hang out, sleep in, eat cake, relax. Whatever. The Holiday of Meh. For two girls who have yet to find a blank spot on their calendars, this sounds like heaven.


Besides, Ellen could use some cheering up. Remember what we just said about Ellen and Mary’s little boy being birthday buddies? On his first birthday, Ellen gave him a tool box and has been filling it on his special day ever since. This year, Ellen was proactive, organized, and way ahead of the game. Because the universe has a twisted sense of humor, Ellen was bound to be drop-kicked on her little overachieving butt for this forethought and productivity. The supercool pair of light-up work goggles she found for Mary’s little boy and bought for him BEFORE Christmas? Well, they are gone. G-O-N-E.  Like no trail to follow, no stones to overturn, NOWHERE. We can wish for a happy day when Ellen unpacks them from her Christmas decorations in December, but it’s not likely. They seemed to have been swallowed up by the black hole that exists in our homes since the birth of our kids.

You know what would make her feel better? A day off to look for them. Or not. Whatever.

At the very least, we can all offer some sincere birthday wishes to these three special people without whom The Sisterhood would be a much less fun, funny, and sweet place! Happy birthday, Ellen, Steve (Happy Big 4-0!!) , and Lil’ G!

Oh, and just to keep it real, a bonus birthday anecdote from Erin’s birthday last week:

Ellen calls to check in on some blog stuff.

Erin: Oh, I don’t know if I’ll have time to finish that. The family is taking me out to dinner for my birthday.

Ellen: But I thought your birthday was January 31st.

Erin: Today IS January 31st.


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Thanks! Erin and Ellen


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Thanks For The Complisult. How Clever.

The Complisult. A modern label for that compliment that just doesn’t sound right. They just rub ever so slightly. You know you’ve heard them . . .

“That dress looks great. It really draws attention away from your thighs.”

“Thank you, um, wait.”

Need some further explanation? Watch the  folks from Community lay it down in 20 seconds.

Are these little gems the poisoned tipped arrows slung by passive-aggressive desperados? Or are they the collateral damage that blooms around people who chronically suffer from insert-foot-in-mouth-itis?

You generally have to be in the moment to pass judgement, but either way, we’ve been on the receiving end of more than our fair share.

10 Complisults We Could Have Lived Without

1. Wow, that is some dress. Is that what you’re wearing?

THE RUB: This little gem was aimed at Erin before the internet was even a zygote. The scene? On her way out the door to prom. By whom? HER MOTHER.

2. She is a great little girl, but you should really spend more time talking with her.

THE RUB: This blast from the past was directed at Ellen when her oldest was in preschool. So what if Coco yipped to respond to questions? Was that really any reason to call Ellen’s mothering skills into question?

3. You’re daughter is so tall and beautiful. She looks like a supermodel. Where does she get it from?

THE RUB: Fast forward and Coco is in high school. But now Ellen is getting zinged because of Coco’s fabulous-ness? Is there no winning in motherhood? Wait, we know the answer to that.

4. That’s great you’re a stay-at-home mom. I would go crazy from boredom if I stayed home. I don’t know how you do it.

THE RUB: Oh Mommy Wars, let’s bury the hatchet. Just not in each others’ backs.

5. You’ve really made this house work for you.

THE RUB: This compliment was so back-handed it should have been in a tennis match. Erin must have wowed her with the recent addition of indoor plumbing.

6. I have the perfect dress for you to borrow. I wore it when I was six months pregnant.

THE RUB: Erin was not pregnant. Your table in hell has been reserved.

7. You look so good when you wear make-up.

THE RUB: C’mon. So how does Erin look without make-up? Wait don’t answer that.

someecards.com -

8. Thank you for the birthday cake, Ellen. I can tell you spent a lot of time on it.

THE RUB: That’s the praise you give the 5 year old who brings you a mud pie.

9. Wow, you look great today!

THE RUB: The “Wow” and the “Today”. Take your qualifiers and shove them. And wipe that smirk off of your face. We deducted points for lack of originality.

And finally, the complisult that Erin and Ellen both get all of the time . . .


10. I like your blog. I could write a blog if I wanted to.

THE RUB: Oh could you now? Go right ahead. It’s totally cheap and takes so little time to create a blog that people besides your mother and your cat reads.


Thank you to Stasha over at Monday Listicles for inspiring this list with your topic “Ten Compliments”.


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The Voices in Erin’s Head Dish About Birthday Cakes

To Quote Erin:

Sometimes I don’t know if you or Steve told me something because you two sound the same in my head.

Ellen: Yeah, I’m not sure what to say about that. Good thing I like your husband, Steve, or I might just be disturbed.

Erin: Just know it explains why I don’t use your many rolls of designer duct tape to seal up your pie hole.

Ellen: Anyway, beside sharing space in Erin’s head, we also share a penchant for decorating birthday cakes for our babies.

Erin: Since this week’s Monday Listicle over at Stasha’s blog The Good Life is “Birthdays,” we decided to share a few of the more inspired creations.

Ellen: The topic was picked by the funny and fabulous Robbie over at Fractured Family Tales. She loves all things sock monkey so swing on over and check her out.

Erin: So without further ado…

The Cakes

Steve’s Cakes

We’ll start with Steve’s cakes. His family owned a Carvel Ice Cream Store, so he has some real deal skills.


Steve decorated this freehand for one Star Wars loving little boy


How cool, I mean hot, is this cake?


Deliciously creepers!


Rubble never tasted so delicious.


Ellen’s Cakes

How memories are made

Ellen’s skills are purely amateur, but she does make her own marshmallow fondant. Her family also has a lovely tradition where the birthday girl gets her own mini cake to eat by herself…without a fork. Don’t worry. The guests get their very own saliva free cupcakes. Ellen is sanitary like that.


The personal cake tradition dates back to the girls’ first birthdays, but this was the first cake where Ellen branched out with decorating. Ellen must bake multiple cakes for each party, but she does it with joy. And sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles.


The mud is actually delicious fudge. In case you were worried.


Who doesn’t think this is adorable?


Flamingo Cake 1


Flamingo Cake 2. We weren’t kidding about the multiple cakes.


Why yes that is a Polly Pocket and we’re glad to see you.



This is Ellen’s most recent birthday cake: Coca-Cola Cake. It is not decorated elaborately, but it is chocolate heaven. This chocolate buttercream is going to be Ellen’s go-to frosting. You may be not be lucky enough to come to our parties, but we are kind enough to share the recipes.

Ellen’s Baby Turned 14!




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