Potty Training: Stop Stressing and Get Some Perspective

We are not about “Been there, done that.” Even when it comes to potty training. In fact, nothing makes us cringe more than that phrase. It’s like smug and condescending got seasoning with venom and wrapped into the ultimate passive-aggressive burrito guaranteed to give you night burps. And chin acne. No, we even poke fun […]

Kids Have Questions, They Don’t Always Need Immediate Answers

Before you become a parent, you see the parodies of kids asking a million plus thirteen gazillion questions. It’s a favorite schtick of commercials and sitcoms because cute, precocious kids are comedy gold. You chuckle with your hand held over your heart and a little shake of your head, “Isn’t that adorable?” Then you have […]

GoldieBlox Dolls: Just a Different Awful Stereotype for Girls?

I am not going to lie. When I saw the GoldieBlox ad where a girl in overalls, armed with a hammer, breaks rank from the pink clad girls picking up Barbie dolls from a conveyor belt, and smashes a machine showcasing a robotic figure repeating, “You are beauty and beauty is perfection,” for the first time, […]

School Pictures Can Suck It

It was as beautiful a fall morning as ever there was. A ray of sun filtered through Erin’s kitchen window spotlighting the telephone handset resting on the table. The two friends were uncharacteristically quiet as they sipped their coffee and the cat curled up on Ellen’s lap. The phone rang and time seemed to slow […]

Swimming Upstream: Life With Dyslexia

Grrrr. Nothing like an inbox full of missing assignment notifications from school to enjoy with my morning coffee and bowl of cereal.  It’s way too early to pretend that I’m not annoyed with my middle-schooler, but if I’m honest, I’m a little defeated too. These missing assignments have become a regular event around here.  This […]

Do This, Not That: The Get Your Butt Out To Vote Edition

I’m a post-forty woman. In simple terms, that means that the checklist of things I do before I start my day looks like this: Open eyes. Put feet on floor. Get caffeine. Check social media. Because I do the daily check-in on my Facebook feed and the other feeds as well, I have noticed something. […]