Awkward Halloween Costume Pintershizz

‘Twas the night before Halloween, And all through Ellen’s house, Not a costume was decided on, And folks were starting to grouse. On Ninja Turtles, on Minions, on Wonder Woman too. All of these were rejected, even ghosts that go “Boo!” So with nary a slim second to shave, That red and white wonder, Pinterest, […]

5 Things We Actually Talk About With Our Kids

Some may say talk is cheap but we think it’s priceless.  We are two ladies who love to talk.  We like to gab about books and food. Occasionally, we take trips together and we’ll yammer on about those too.  But what we really love to talk about is parenting. With seven kids between us, we […]

Read This When You Have Time

Ten years ago, a kind but wily acquaintance was giving me the hard sell. He was leaving the neighborhood Cub Scout pack and moving on with his son. He was looking for a replacement/fresh meat/gullible sucker to take his place. I was strong and full of good reasons why I was not the girl he […]

How to Protect Your Teen Driver #JustDrive

‘Tis the season for scary stories, because you know, it’s National Teen Driver Safety Week. Did you think we were going to say Halloween? Well, ghouls and goblins don’t frighten us because we have teen drivers. Three of them between us. If that doesn’t give you a shiver down your spine, well, you’re not the ones […]

The Place Between: Finding Our Way in the Year Before College

When I was a freshman in college, my brother was only eight years old. While I was living the high life of newfound freedom and enjoying the other heady elixirs of campus life, he was home missing me. Every once in awhile, a package would arrive from home with goodies to remind me that there […]

Our DIY Halloween Costume and Humor Roundup

We’re a couple of sensible moms who love Halloween. When you think about it, it’s one of the more relaxing holidays. No big family meals to cook, no presents to wrap, no legends to impersonate (stop trying to make the Great Pumpkin happen, Linus). Ellen: Pinterest is trying its hardest to up the ante, but […]

How to Pick Where to Go for a Mammogram

The PR is good enough that we all know we have to take care of The Girls. You know . . . your milk bags, sweater hams, bee stings, tas-tas, boobies, or if we’re being absolutely mature and proper–your breasts. The first step is knowing when to get a mammogram. This is thankfully so straightforward […]