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DIY Flamingo Party

A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Great cake decorating tips too! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

I do like a good party. I have even been known to go a wee bit overboard. Not like drop the down payment on a Winnebago overboard, but more like having fourteen four-year-olds crowded around my dining room table crafting with glue and scissors. Rest assured I drew the line at glitter. Never glitter. ::shudders::

Littlest Pet Shop Habitats. Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

For me, it all starts with a good theme I can sink my teeth into, but I am older and more exhausted now. Can you feel me? I now require my themes to be fabulous with a side of easy. So to that end, one of the easiest ones I have hit upon is a Flamingo Party. The best thing? It works for all ages and types of parties: birthday celebrations, baby showers, bridal showers, pool parties, and barbecues. One advantage to this theme is you can extend it cheaply and easily just by using color. Pink balloons, streamers, and netting can really extend the theme to fill your entire space.

My particular party was to celebrate a thirteenth birthday. For me it all begins with the cake . . . or in the case of the parties I orchestrate, cakessssssss.

Here’s the one I created for the family party:

Easy Flamingo Layer Cake

Decorating With Marshmallow Fondant! A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Easy Cake decorating tips! Look like a pro! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

This cake is a great example of a wow factor that exceeds the effort. In other words, it’s easier than it looks. Always a bonus.

Start by making a layer cake from scratch like our favorite, Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake, or just use a box mix.

Next, frost it up with a base layer buttercream frosting.

Mix up a buttercream frosting and tint it with turquoise food coloring. You can find the food coloring I used here. Pssst, you can also use canned frosting. I won’t tell. Pillsbury even makes an aqua blue frosting that saves you all kinds of time.

If you need help with your frosting game, I recommend this tutorial. She mentions using a bench scraper to achieve a smooth frosting surface. I use this one.

The flamingo is made with fondant icing. I generally make my own marshmallow fondant because not only is it significantly cheaper than store bought, it is so much tastier, too. Your guests won’t be peeling it off into a discarded lump on the side of their plates.

I also find it more forgiving to work with. When you are rolling it and transferring it to the cake, I always have less frustration with breakage than I do with prepared fondant out of the package. This excellent video is EXACTLY how I make it.

She also has a video describing how to color it. Two caveats I have for that one, though. One, I almost always color mine by mixing my gel into the melted marshmallows as she describes in the beginning of her tutorial. It takes A LOT of kneading to mix color into a whole batch of refrigerated fondant. I’m talking kneading on the level of a P90X workout. And two, I always wear vinyl food prep gloves so that my hands don’t get stained.

One other tip: it’s not worth it to make black fondant. It takes forever and a ton of color to make it anything but a weird gray. I did it once, but never again. You can find it here. Keep in mind you can purchase a whole tub of white fondant, too, if you just want to skip making your own altogether.

I used leaf cookie cutters to make the feathers. I free-hand cut out the neck, used a small dish to make the circle for the head, and used the same dish to help gauge the size I needed for the beak. The eye was made from a dab of white buttercream and a speck of black fondant. Because the pieces are relatively small, it’s a much easier decorating process than trying to transfer an entire sheet of fondant to your cake. I have yet to be able to cover a layer cake with a sheet of fondant without curling up in the fetal position from the stress of it all. But just decorating with fondant pieces? That’s a hack I can completely manage.

Now remember I said cakessssssss? In my family, each birthday girl gets her own cake to dive into with abandon.

Fondant Flamingo Cake

Fondant Flamingo Cake! A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Easy Cake decorating tips! Look like a pro! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

This cake was also decorated with marshmallow fondant, but this one is all about the shape. I baked the body of the cake in a Pyrex oven-safe bowl. Once it was COMPLETELY cooled, I sculpted the body shape with a serrated knife making sure to carve out a complete shape that would work for the neck. The rest of the scraps went to the kids who were watching my every move.

The head is a cupcake. That little beaded necklace camouflages the joining of the head to the neck. Because this cake is personal-sized, I could basically pick the pieces up and wrap the fondant around them. In case you are new to working with fondant, you need to actually ice your cake with a buttercream first so that the fondant will adhere to it smoothly. I did not do that with the neck though. The fondant around that is very thick to achieve the rounded look I wanted. I figured there was enough cake-y goodness in the body and head to make it acceptable that the neck was just for decorative purposes.

And then there were the cupcakes . . .

Easy Flamingo Cupcakes

I’m going to be honest, by the time I got to the cupcakes I was TIRED. I ordered some pretty cupcake liners, some flamingo lollipops, let the kids ice the cupcakes anyway they wanted with the remaining blue frosting, and called it a day. See? Easy! You can’t accuse me of being a perfectionist.

Easy Flamingo Cupcakes! A flamingo party theme works for birthdays, showers, pool parties, and barbecues! Easy, DIY, and fun! Easy Cake decorating tips! Look like a pro! | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms!

But—and this is going to sound radical after the previous several hundred words—great parties need more than cake! Check out these fun ideas to rocket your party into the realm of success!

Flamingo Party Ideas


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Move Over, Pumpkin! Apple Is The New Star Around Here


'Tis the season for apple and pumpkin and we have the best recipes for you including the most delicious apple cake you have ever tasted! Apple is the new star around here! Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

We are not indifferent to the allure of the fabulous pumpkin. In fact, we fall under its spell every autumn, mostly because it means we get to whip up these favorites for our family again.

Pumpkin Pie Cake

Mini Pumpkin Sage Balls

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Pumpkin Chili

These are great recipes one and all. They are so great in fact that they caused us to get a tad emotional about the canned pumpkin that makes all of these recipes not just delicious but ridiculously easy. But last week there was a little parking lot drama that has left us feeling a bit sour on our good buddy pumpkin . . .

. . . Which means it’s apple’s turn to take center stage! We have the perfect recipe to highlight just how wonderful, moist, and delicious the humble ole apple can be too!

Erin’s mom Peggy has used this recipe longer than she has been parenting Erin, so it has a little over forty years of rave reviews to back up ours. In case you needed another reason to just click the link,  this recipe is also so easy that the last time we made it, the six year old assembled it. Yep. That’s the kind of easy we’re talking ’bout. It would be perfect gracing that dessert table at your Thanksgiving table too. Just sayin’.

Check out Peggy’s Most Delicious Apple Cake!

 And because we told you all about this one, if you were inclined to save us a piece, well, that’s just what good Sisters do.

Happy Baking!

Erin and Ellen


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Celebrate this, Sisterhood Style!

Nothing we love here in The Sisterhood more than a great party and some good eats.

One Drink!                        Two Drinks!!              Three Drinks!!!


Thank goodness that between the two of us, there are plenty of holidays and birthdays to go around. Ellen has a chance to show off her cake -making skills. . .

There’s a veritable barnyard of cute animals Ellen’s crafted out of fondant and sugar, but this one’s Erin’s favorite.


. . . and Erin’s husband Steve does too. Erin thanks her lucky stars every year that her in-laws owned a Carvel franchise for years and taught her husband how to handle a pastry bag.

He can freelance like nobody’s business too. He drew this one at the beach using a sandwich baggy and some homemade icing.


You wanna know what else they share besides some serious cake-making skills?? The same birthday.  February 9th. They were born ON. THE. SAME. DAY.  Yeah, we know, it’s freaky. Especially when Erin says that their voices sound the same in her head.

Oh, and our dear friend Mary’s son was born on February 9th too.  When Mary was on bed rest,  she gave Ellen and Frank her season tickets  to see “Chicago” at the Wilmington Opera House, so that they could have a date night out to celebrate Ellen’s birthday.   As Frank and Ellen were watching the curtain come up, Lil’ G was making his debut.

Do you hear what we are laying down?? Three special people in The Sisterhood share the same birthday! We might as well turn this into an official Sisterhood holiday. What, you say, this is barely a reason for a holiday?

Well, in addition to the crazy coinciding of the birthdays, this year February 9th has been attracting activities and events to it like a Kardashian to some media coverage. We would like to offer our calendars as Exhibits A, B, C, and D,  but the paper ones are unreadable and the electronic ones are groaning from the data we keep trying to input. Erin may not be the technology-whisperer, but she can hear her iPhone  saying, “Put me down, girl. I’ve had enough. I can’t take any more.”

Still not buying it? Well, February is a month for dubious holidays anyway.  Perhaps snow does not just make you blind, but deaf, dumb, and stark-raving mad as well.  These February holidays all started out honorably enough, but they have strayed far from their noble roots. Mardi Gras is now just an excuse to make bad decisions all day long.  And Presidents’ Day?  A ruse to spend one last day on the slopes (not that we’re complaining) or to buy a new mattress.

Yep. We think you’re awesome, Abe. Too bad they have you schlepping new Sertas!

Groundhog Day? Puh-leez!  Phil saw his shadow this year, so you know what that means?? Bupkis. NADA. Nothing. Dust off your 5th grade science book or steal your kid’s iPad: that’s not how weather works.  Sorry if this rains on your happy dance parade because you thought spring was right around the corner. It is. It’s called March.

And don’t even get us started on Valentine’s Day. There’s the Hallmark version: St. Valentine, hearts, love, letters, chocolates . . . well, you know. Then there’s the real story: Pope Gelasius got a little slaphappy bestowing sainthood on people and included Valentine in with a bunch of other saints, saints like St. George of “St. George and the Dragon” fame. We don’t have to tell you that this got a little awkward seeing as how dragons are a little hard to rustle up. Anyway, the pope validated his batch of questionable picks by saying that they were men “whose acts are known only to God”.  Nice umbrella there, Pope G, hope it shields you from the flurry of chocolates and greeting cards headed your way.

Not this type of unicorn

Anyway, we think February 9th has as much legitimate claim to a holiday status as, say, a groundhog who forecasts weather or a knight who slays dragons in the English countryside. If Pope Gelasius had kept going, we might be painting rainbows and hearts in homage to Saint Unicorn-Wrangler.

So, what’s wrong with lobbying for February 9th as a Sisterhood Siesta? It could be a a day to do nothing. Hang out, sleep in, eat cake, relax. Whatever. The Holiday of Meh. For two girls who have yet to find a blank spot on their calendars, this sounds like heaven.


Besides, Ellen could use some cheering up. Remember what we just said about Ellen and Mary’s little boy being birthday buddies? On his first birthday, Ellen gave him a tool box and has been filling it on his special day ever since. This year, Ellen was proactive, organized, and way ahead of the game. Because the universe has a twisted sense of humor, Ellen was bound to be drop-kicked on her little overachieving butt for this forethought and productivity. The supercool pair of light-up work goggles she found for Mary’s little boy and bought for him BEFORE Christmas? Well, they are gone. G-O-N-E.  Like no trail to follow, no stones to overturn, NOWHERE. We can wish for a happy day when Ellen unpacks them from her Christmas decorations in December, but it’s not likely. They seemed to have been swallowed up by the black hole that exists in our homes since the birth of our kids.

You know what would make her feel better? A day off to look for them. Or not. Whatever.

At the very least, we can all offer some sincere birthday wishes to these three special people without whom The Sisterhood would be a much less fun, funny, and sweet place! Happy birthday, Ellen, Steve (Happy Big 4-0!!) , and Lil’ G!

Oh, and just to keep it real, a bonus birthday anecdote from Erin’s birthday last week:

Ellen calls to check in on some blog stuff.

Erin: Oh, I don’t know if I’ll have time to finish that. The family is taking me out to dinner for my birthday.

Ellen: But I thought your birthday was January 31st.

Erin: Today IS January 31st.


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Thanks! Erin and Ellen


You can vote once per 24 hours until February 13th. So click it, so we can quit begging!


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A Guide For Procrastinators On How To Complete a Pinterest Worthy Project

I’m a DIY sort of person — not on the scale of building decks or patching roofs, but let’s just say one Christmas my husband gave me a sapphire bracelet and a compound miter saw. When the toilet needs to be fixed or the cabinets need to be moved so the new refrigerator can fit in the old opening, I’m the gal for the job.  And woe to the unprepared repairman who asks my husband to borrow a tool. He will just be redirected back to the “little lady” he strode past to get to the man of the house.

Unfortunately, my hot dish of competence comes with a heaping side of procrastination and a big dollop of perfectionism dripping off the plate onto Grandma’s heirloom tablecloth. It’s a double whammy, Folks. Getting started on a project is as easy for me as getting the cat to cut our grass on the Fourth of July.

“But the perfectionism is a good thing, Ellen! A perfect project is what you want, right?” you say.

Well, thanks for being my enabler, but no. My meticulousness does not spring from a bottomless well. I waste so much energy in the beginning with precision that I often fail to cross the finish line. Seriously, it’s like I’m inches from breaking the tape and I’m liked, “Meh, I ran 12.9 miles. Good enough. I think I’ll go have a margarita. And start another race.”

This towel hangs in my bathroom next to the tub with the surround I built and installed . . . with the nail holes still unfilled.


But the project I’m sharing with you today is epic and finished (well, it will be by the time I post this — fingers crossed). And epic is not hyperbole. This project spanned two centuries.


A Gazillion Steps to Finishing Two Lingerie Chests

Now don’t get all hot and bothered. I don’t have enough lingerie to fill two pieces of furniture. It’s just what they’re called and these are the drawers that would fit on either side of the TV armoire . . . a piece of furniture that is now obsolete and needs to go because we want a bigger flat screen. But the easiest way to get it out would be to take an ax to it and I don’t have that kind of violence simmering within me right now.

Anyway, back to my project that begins at the turn of the century in 1999 . . .

The Steps

1. Buy two unfinished pieces of furniture because you want to be creative and do something special with them.

2. Realize that your time would be wasted doing something special with them because there is no Facebook or Pinterest on which to show them off. Incidentally, you discover you are pregnant with your second child and think huffing hydrocarbons would not be the responsible thing to do.

3. Put chests in storage for 13 years. Wait for social media to take the world by storm.

4. Rejoice that there is Pinterest and remember that you have a project to complete. Remembering is not hard since you have to climb over these drawers every year to excavate the Christmas decorations.

5. Pin all the things to make these chests ever-loving fabulous!

6. Decide to haul drawers out of the basement to the garage in May 2012. This is not only the end of the school year, but the end of two milestone school years — my oldest graduating from 8th grade and my youngest graduating from 5th grade. My calendar looked like this.

Believe me, even when it wasn’t blurred to protect the innocent, it was hard to follow.


7. Fail to get drawers completed — and by completed, I mean started — before school ends.

8. Spend summer having fun and not parking in the garage. Beat down anxiety as junk slowly creeps into the space where the car use to be.

9. Kids are back in school! Clear out garage to get to the drawers. This only takes a day or 15.

The creep is strong in this house it is.


10. Search through stash to see if you have anything with which to complete this project. After all, DIY is supposed to be economical!

11. Find some pretty cream colored glazing stain. Remember that yes, this is what you wanted to do with the chests. But alas the jar is tiny and the company that made it went out of business. Mourn the loss because you’re sure it would have worked really well. Since they were good enough to stay in business and all.

12. Say, “Patooey! This project has been over a decade in the making, but I don’t have time for that whole staining process. To the Home Depot for spray paint!”

13. Buy a case of spray paint because you are NOT going to get burned with that whole “going out of business” thing again. No siree. Spend a mortgage payment on drawer pulls while you’re there.

14. It is time to start sanding. Whoopee! Nothing is more fun than scraping your knuckles and breathing in sawdust. Pull out the first drawer and find the knobs you bought a lifetime ago — my youngest daughter’s lifetime that is. They are perfect, but this leads you to the next chore . . .

15. Return the recently purchased knobs to Home Depot. Celebrate your new found fortune . . . until you write your mortgage check.


16. Put on a super cute outfit and commence sanding.  Make sure you do it well and go with the grain. My furniture was bare so I started with a fine grit sanding sponge.  Sanding is the foundation to a great finish. (REAL TIP ALERT!)

17. Search for a tack cloth to remove the dust, the next step to a smooth finish. For some reason you can’t find one on your work bench.

It’s so puzzling why I can’t find anything.


18. Declare, “I am NOT going back to Home Depot.” Wipe chests with a damp cloth and raise the grain of the wood. Anyone who knows the term “raising the grain” should not be stupid enough to do it. (REAL TIP ALERT: Raising the grain means to make the wood fibers swell up. It can be a good idea to do this if you are staining a piece because you swell the fibers and can sand them down BEFORE you start to stain. If you’re using spray paint, this step just sucks away your time and patience.)

19. Begin sanding process again. Skulk to Home Depot to buy a $1.79 tack cloth. Spend $20 on pansies while you’re there because, you know, you need another project.

20. REAL TIP ALERT: Prime the chests using a color close to your final color. I used a red brown since my final color was a metallic copper.

Smoothing with a paper bag

21. Start spraying your layers of final color. REAL TIP ALERT: Follow the directions on the can exactly. You can do a couple of light coats within ONE HOUR, but not too many or your paint will start to sag. After that one hour passes you have to wait 48 hours for the next coat. Really. The key to a good spray paint finish is for the finish to cure and harden rather than remain gummy. In between dry coats, buff the surface lightly with a paper bag to smooth it before you start spray painting again.

Rock on

22. Pretend you’re a quirky pop star with your new metallic fingertip.

23. Repeat steps 21 and 22 until your piece is evenly finished. You may want to find something to pass the time while you are waiting for the paint to cure. I chose an emergency appendectomy, but use your own judgement.

24. Panic that Superstorm Sandy is coming and might flood your garage. Move drawers into living room.

Hit me up if you want some Feng Shui tips


25. Decide that this project has not dragged on long enough and you need to up the wow factor by upholstering the sides. Give yourself a hard deadline by scheduling a sleepover party with 14 tween girls for your daughter’s birthday.

26. Pattern match, measure, and cut the fabric and batting for the sides.

27. Allow yourself a moment to freak the hell out when you turn the furniture over and discover a bevvy of spider eggs cases. Resist setting the drawers on fire. You’ve come too far.

28. Staple! But first relocate your cat to another room so that she does not wrap herself around your head at the first <Whamp>.

29. Take a break until 2 days before the party. Make sure to include the stapler in your cleaning routine.

30. Get your butt in gear because you have a cake to bake! Finish the edges of the fabric panels with ribbon and brass tacks. Smash your fingers and destroy the “brass” finish on the tack with the first whack of the hammer.

31. REAL TIP ALERT: Remember the trick of holding the tack with a fork or comb and search for your tack hammer. For some reason, you still can’t find anything on your work bench. Pilfer the mouse pad that was included in your awesome prize basket that you won in the twisted crafting contest sponsored by The Bearded Iris and The Suniverse and wrap it around the only hammer out of five that you can find.

32. Voila! Five hours later you’re finished!


That Was Easy.

Thanks to Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for inspiring me to chronicle my DIY efforts with her hilarious post “How To Be An Artist In Umpteen Easy Steps.





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What We Learned About Each Other in 2012

In a word, the last year has been educational. Blogging teaches you things. Wanna see us resize some photos? Juggle some social media with ease? But while tackling some of the technological challenges of blogging was a little sour at times, blogging has been mostly sweet, and the relationships we have made while blogging have been the very best part. So what’s the cherry on top of this blogging plate of delish? We have gotten to know each other better too. In the beginning, we described each other like this, and we wouldn’t change a word of what we said back then. But blogging has given us a wider window into each other’s psyches — think the viewing window on a autopsy — that we wouldn’t have had otherwise and for that we are truly grateful. So without further ado, we give you. . .

Ten Things We Learned About Each Other This Year

Erin Shares About Ellen:

1. Ellen travels with a capital “T”. I knew Ellen and Frank went places, but we all go places. They GO places. In the past few years, they have visited Costa Rica, Mexico, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Washington, DC, taken a cruise to the Bahamas, and done Disney. This is just hitting the highlights. They also go to the beach, and we camp together TWICE every summer. But it’s not just that they go fabulous places, they do fabulous things once they’re there. They climb stuff and repel off things and swim with sea creatures and find great hideaway restaurants and visit don’t-miss museums. Their photo albums look like travel brochures. In one of our conversations, Ellen said that she would rather spend money on experiences than things. She’s not just talk, this one.

2. Ellen still has mad medicine skills. If you didn’t know yet that Ellen is a doctor, you should probably know that. While she chose to gracefully exit the medical profession stage right to raise her kids full-time, she never really put away those skills. She is our resident medical go-to girl for all things that might bleed, blister, or keep you up at night with worry. But I learned this year that she can still walk the walk. I had two pretty big medical things come up in my family this year, and Ellen talked me through both of them with calm, clarity, and confidence. The way she explains technical medical things to us lay folk reminds me that she would be awesome in a practice or on TV as one of those medical correspondents. Move over, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Ellen still has game.

3. Ellen makes a cake so good that I actually tried and LOVE Nutella. The very notion of Nutella used to make me gag, but this cake made me a convert. If you make it, it will make you the Belle of the Ball, so if you are looking for a fairy godmother, Ellen just might be your girl.  Oh, and the cakes she makes her kids—fuggedaboutit. Forget fairy godmother. You’ll want to be adopted, so you can call her mom and eat these ridiculous confections. Really.

4. Ellen is willing to jump off that cliff–metaphorically and literally. Remember what I said about her awesome travel escapades? Ellen is always ready for fun. And challenges. I have yet to find anything that scares her or makes her say, “whoa, that ain’t gonna happen”. Ellen is the girl that gets things done. Period. Again, if she can think it up, it’s already halfway done.

5. Ellen is tech-y in a good way. It took me a while to find my footing in the more technical aspects of blogging, but Ellen took to it like a duck to water. She is always two steps ahead of me on that front which I appreciate,  because she is an extremely generous friend when it comes to knowledge and sharing it. I have learned a ton, mostly from her showing me the way.

 Ellen Shares About Erin:

1. Erin is a whiskey drinking girl. Erin will partake of a mellow merlot or a cold brew, but her first choice is a whiskey sour slushie. It’s her fun-loving Irish roots shining through, but it always surprises me and makes me smile. She is such a gentle soul and whiskey just seems like a bar brawl fire-starter.

2. Erin is the ring leader, CEO, and Grandmaster Flash of fun. When we go on our Big Love trips with sixteen children ranging in age from 5 to 18, Erin orchestrates getting us fed, corralling us out the door, and divving us up into canoes. But you know her super duper secret that you should tattoo on the bottom of your foot for future reference? She is FLEXIBLE. She is not a slave to her schedules. The masses revolt because they don’t want to get out the door by 8 am? No problem. We’re having a blast at the playground and don’t want to start on the hike? No problem. She should have the theme song, “Enjoy the fun you’re with” playing around her at all times.

3.  Erin is your role model for how NOT to hold a grudge. Erin is amazing. You can have a calm discussion with her, come to an agreement, and then she – wait for it – moves on. It is like watching a miracle unfold before your eyes. It is truly in the category of unicorns and leprechauns. There is a dark side though, but it is only for her. She assumes other people are also this generous and she has gotten burned. I’ve told her more than once that perhaps she didn’t get kicked enough as a kid. Hmmm, reading this over, I may need to work on my graciousness. I definitely have my cynicism down pat.

4. Erin loves fire. She really loves it. I’m a girl who has used her fireplace twice in 14 years. Her family’s most cherished times are spent around their fire pit. She is a girl who uses fire as an entertaining staple. Don’t forget she brought us the “Bonfire to Go“.

5. Erin is a master of organization, diplomacy, and calm . . . except when she is not. For the love of the Brady Bunch, she keeps her five kids’ lives trucking along in the most fantastically enriched, grounded, and fun manner possible. And she does it without an Alice —  but on second thought she does it without the hindrance of a Cindy, so really it’s a wash. But she is only human as demonstrated by her sock sack of shame.

What’s the big deal you say? Just you wait.

She also takes a stand on the most unlikely issues. Discussing religion and politics? The United Nations should attend her charm school. Discussing Andy Griffith? Insert the sound of an explosion in your head. In the land of  calm, she is the cucumber when kids are breaking arms or scrabbling with each other like feral cats. Regarding certain instances with crock pots and lining up shoes for a photo? I started to have secret fantasies of whipping out a tranquilizer gun. But those are stories for another day . . .

In the spirit of Thanskgiving, we owe some big thanks to Kerstin Auer at AuerLife for this week’s Listicles topic.  We love an opportunity to write about each other and not just our families and friends. You’re all welcome to love her now.  Kerstin has a great blog and her latest post about her life in numbers is worth reading all 41 entries. Really. Check her out.

As always, we owe a debt of gratitude to Stasha whose Monday Listicles are our favorite place to link up every Monday.


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